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Getting a Marijuana Business License in California

It’s an exciting time in California as potential licensees prepare for the marijuana business state applications to open in January 2018. As the time draws near and if you are planning on applying for a license, you must first understand the correlation between the city and state licensing/application process.

In California, compliance with local jurisdiction is priority. Applicants must obtain approval from their local government before applying to the state for a license. California cities and counties are authorized to regulate marijuana business within their city limits. This means each city is able to ban or approve marijuana businesses. With that being said, your first step is to identify which cities are allowing for marijuana businesses.

California City List & Status

Download our California Marijuana Business City List & Status document to find out which cities and counties are currently accepting applications.

Facilities that are already in operation and compliant with local jurisdictions and other laws prior to or on January 1, 2018 are permitted to operate until their license is approved or denied by the state. If a facility has been in operation prior to January 1st, 2016, they will receive priority in review for a license.


For more assistance in preparing your application, you can download our California Medical Marijuana State Application Guide for a detailed summary of all the tasks you’ll need to complete prior to submission specific to the state’s requirements. Or if you would like to speak with an industry expert, schedule for an hour consultation with a Junior or Senior Consultant.

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