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Sara Gullickson of Dispensary Permits, helping medical cannabis entrepreneurs obtain licensing

I feel it is important to highlight fellow entrepreneurs in this industry because of how unique everyone’s story and path is to succeeding in the cannabis space. I’ve met many entrepreneurs who have incorporated their professional background into their new companies, I’ve met others who are coming in fresh from another industry attempting to make it in a different trade. Bottom line is everyone is here to succeed, so as I continue exploring this industry, I’ll write up some of my encounters in a way that shines some light on the entrepreneurial side of the cannabis industry.

I had the opportunity to jump on a call with Sara Gullickson, to learn about her journey in the cannabis industry.

Sara Gullickson is the CEO of Dispensary Permits, a company that offers consulting services with hands on support for medical cannabis entrepreneurs. Whether you are looking to break into the industry or you have previous experience with owning or operating a dispensary, cultivation, manufacturing or testing facility; our custom crafted solutions provide support and guidance for both novice and expert medical cannabis entrepreneurs.

Gullickson got her start in the cannabis industry, seven years ago, around the time Arizona’s Prop 213 was approved, which successfully allowed medical cannabis to be sold in the state. Gullickson realized after two years in the industry, she had acquired unique experience and knowledge working with clients attempting to obtain licenses from the state, and decided to take the next step in her journey, and start her own company specializing in these trades.

Dispensary Permits has a record of processing applications in eleven states, ten of which have been successful so far. New clients typically take a six and eight month process, once clients get awarded their permits, they have the option of moving forward with further consulting which gets them started on next steps for their dispensary.

Plans for 2017?

Gullickson and her team are focusing efforts in Pennsylvania, Arkansas, and Florida.

Final words

Sara is happy to report that their website hits are up to 15,000 a month, which keeps her team busy with handling existing and new businesses. She’s part of the Women Grow Phoenix, Arizona chapter. Gullickson came into the cannabis industry with a passion for the plant, she understands that this industry is growing and ever changing. She believes patience and passion are keys to succeeding in this space.

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