NORML Political Director Justin Strekal praised the Vermont legislature for moving forward, noting in a statement that the first Legislature to approve marijuana would serve as a “huge turning point” in the national movement to legalize adult-use marijuana.

“The political courage of Vermont’s lawmakers to break with nearly a century of legislative stagnation should be interpreted as a siren call in the halls of the state legislatures nationwide as well as the U.S. Capitol,” Strekal said.

The Marijuana Policy Project said 57 percent of Vermont voters support recreational marijuana legalization. Matthew Schweich, the interim executive director of the organization, said in a statement that states are tired of “outdated and harmful” policies from the federal government.

“The Vermont Legislature’s action underscores that states will continue leading the way toward more humane, sensible marijuana policies even if this administration reverts to the cruel and counterproductive federal policies of the past,” Schweich said.