Cannabis Investment Opportunities

Marijuana sales in North America reached $6.73 billion in 2016—reflecting 34% growth over 2015. Sales are projected to jump to $21.6 billion by 2021, representing a 26% compound annual growth rate.
Arcview Market Research/BDS Analytics

Right now, there are cannabis investment opportunities all over the United States of America in Cultivation, Processing, Processing and Dispensing Marijuana as well a wealth of ancillary businesses to support the industry. For motivated entrepreneurs and investors, there are new and emerging bills, legislation and program developments happening everyday.
Dispensary Permits not only has opportunities for investors, but is always looking for new and evolving businesses looking for capital.

The Dispensary Permits team has both “plant touching” and “non-plant touching” opportunities:

  • Plant touching: dispensary, cultivation and production
  • Non plant touching: consulting, technology, legal, marketing, product development

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