The Dispensary Permits Team


Jennifer Zarezadeh
Director of Dispensary Permits, Consultant
Jennifer stands at the forefront of one of the fastest growing industries with the goal of legalizing medical and recreational marijuana.

Since the inception of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Certification Program, she’s spent the last seven years evangelizing the industry committed to excellence, development, licensing, compliance and growth. While applying for licenses in Arizona, she was able to also acquire her own investors, which had fueled her desire to seek more knowledge about states on the cutting edge of new developments and entrepreneurial opportunities.

As a calculated risk taker and adventurer, she found opportunities in Oregon and Hawaii that provided her with new information and innovative ideas to bring back to her native state of Arizona. Throughout her career, Jennifer has built a reputation for successfully opening dispensaries, developing new business strategies, experimenting with creative business models and her extensive skills in compliance, licensing and acquiring permits in three states.

She embraces the core values of integrity, innovation and growth while also bringing with her a medical pharmaceutical background, which allows her to see things from the perspective of others and empathize with their suffering. Her proven skills give her the ability to think unconventionally, while her passion and empathy powers her to connect with patients and consumers alike.

We are thrilled to have her join our culture and bring her expertise on the industry.



Faith Fidura
Marketing Manager of
Dispensary Permits
Passionate about the health benefits of marijuana, Faith enjoys the work of assisting people in the process of establishing a business which provides medical marijuana to those who need it. Faith had the experience and pleasure of working alongside the first appointed female CEO of a cannabis corporation in the United States, who she acquired much of her knowledge on marijuana business licensing and regulations from.

During her first two years at Dispensary Permits, Faith developed and launched Marijuana Weekly Updates, a subscription product that provides marijuana industry news and happenings across all 50 states and shares commentary on what the updates mean and how to get involved. Additionally, Faith is responsible for managing Dispensary Templates, a subdivision of Dispensary Permits that supplies marijuana business plan templates for entrepreneurs who are working to submit an application for a marijuana business license. Through her constant market research and experience in assisting with license applications, Faith has gained an extensive knowledge regarding the marijuana business licensing process.



Sarah Cawthon 
Marketing Coordinator for Dispensary Permits
Sarah is a creative who is passionate about producing vibrant content in the cannabis space. In her position, she spends the majority of her time writing compelling copy, wrangling commas, tackling market research, brainstorming sales strategies and connecting with clients through social media and email marketing.

Prior to joining the Dispensary Permits team, Sarah’s background included work in journalism, higher education, web development and sales. Her decision to step into the cannabis industry stemmed from her interest in natural products and remedies. She is a proponent of the healing properties of cannabis and is eager to be part of a company that is at the forefront of this rapidly evolving and growing industry.


Item 9 Labs Corp. Executive Team 

Dispensary Permits was acquired by Item 9 Labs Corporation in November 2018. To learn more about our executives, visit here.

Andrew Bowden, Chief Executive Officer
Bryce Skalla, President and Co-Founder
Chris Wolven, Chief Operating Officer