How to Run a Dispensary

Now that you have been awarded a provisional license to operate your dispensary, now what?  Running a successful Cannabis Dispensary couples the same everyday challenges all business owners and retail managers experience, in addition to evolving rules and regulations, limited industry talent and overall lack of expertise. Don’t panic, Dispensary Permits has experience with opening and operating Marijuana Facilities all over the United States. Project Rendering of a Facility on the East Coast

Many of you understand that dispensaries live and die by the status for their Approval to Operate (ATO), latest State Inspection Report, and/or the list of deficiency items to remedy prior to being able to open their doors to patients/caregivers. Whether you are just opening your dispensary or if you have fallen out of compliance, both have grave consequences for dispensaries, ranging from punitive fines that can determine your financial outlook to shutting down your business entirely. Compliance is the backbone of your facility, and if you don’t have it down, you, your business partners and investors are at risk. Request a compliance audit, today!

Not only does Dispensary Permits help entrepreneurs obtain Marijuana State Business Licenses but we also help with making this dream become a reality by assisting with opening and operating successful and compliant marijuana dispensaries. Dispensary Permits has solutions for all budgets and offers both do-it-yourself Downloadable Marijuana Templates  as well as Custom Consulting based Solutions for Marijuana Dispensary Licensees Nationwide.

If you are Opening a New Marijuana Facility, our experts recommend:

  • Building out your Facility
  • Defining your Corporate Structure
  • Improving your Operating Agreement
  • Creating a working Organizational Chart
  • Refining your Business Plan and Operating Budget
  • Setting yourself apart with your Branding, Marking and Interior Design
  • Drafting a Staffing Plan and Hiring Employees
  • Refining your Business Plan and Operating Budget
  • Ensuring your Policy and Procedures are Compliant
  • Planning a Grand Opening for your Community

If you have an existing Marijuana Facility, our experts recommend:

If you have an existing license, we’d love to visit and prepare a plan of action to ensure your facility is compliant, define your growth strategy, assist you in increasing your profit margins, and rework your policy and procedures for your facility flow.

If you are seeking investment capital to enhance your dispensary, we recommend gathering the following items and creating an investment deck:

You can request investment assistance, or purchase our Investor Due Diligence Package.


Dispensary Permits offerings three ways to help your business ongoing:

  1. Our Operational Business Plans for Dispensary Collection allows you to use our general advise, plans and templates to do-it-yourself for your dispensary management. These can be downloaded immediately and come in a Word Document format.
  2. Our State Policies and Procedures Guide will be tailored to your state specifically and guide you on all the required documentation and compliance points.  These documents are pre-ordered, and take 5-7 business days to receive.
  3. An in person business analysis – we’ll establish a branded marketing strategy, operational components, budget, staffing, investment strategy and to ensure you understand the compliance requirements. To schedule your consultation within 2-4 weeks, please fill out the form below.