Nationwide Cannabis Consulting

Dispensary Permits offers DIY tools and one-on-one consultancies to help US marijuana entrepreneurs win licenses and run successful marijuana businesses.

Before You Secure a License

We offer three paths to a possible license:

The license process can be incredibly competitive in markets where licenses are limited, and the process is never guaranteed, we are an ethical consultancy, and only take on clients we feel have a path to success. Our team has secured licenses in 11 state processes, creating one of the best track records in the industry.

Marijuana Business Buildout Support

Successful license holders enter a new phase of challenges and requirements on the path to opening the doors of their new marijuana business.  Dispensary Permits offers support in all plant-touching divisions: dispensary, cultivation, manufacturing, processing, distribution, transportation. Again, we offer solutions for license holders who would rather do the heavy lifting themselves, or those who want a greater chance of success by having more one-on-one help.

  • DIY guides, templates and checklists to create everything you’d need to submit for compliance requirements, financing, real estate proposals, etc.
  • Custom business packages where Dispensary Permits customizes all the necessary tools for success to your state and needs, while allowing you to prepare the documents and use at your discretion.
  • In person consultations, with Dispensary Permits working directly with you to ensure success, and giving you access to our toolbox of trusted vendors for support services.

Ongoing Marijuana Business Support

Now that your doors are open, managers and owners of marijuana businesses face daily challenges. Couple the usual trials of businesses owners with operating in one of the most regulated and changing industries in America. To keep your business growing and profitable and to stay within compliance you’ll want someone in your corner. Dispensary Permits helps by offering solutions at different levels of assistance.

  • DIY tools for all aspects of marijuana business improvement and compliance- staffing plans, record keeping, product safety, human resources, branding, etc.
  • In person business consultancies– Dispensary Permits can help you keep or gain compliance, improve your margins, strengthen your brand, improve efficiency, or scale your operations. We have solutions from operations to marketing to sales.

Know what you need? Find the DIY tool you need right now.

Unsure?  Let us figure it out in a free 20 minute consultation.

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