Dispensary Permits was founded by Sara Gullickson, one of the visionary leaders in Marijuana Industry, and nationally recognized as one of the most successful Cannabis Consulting firms for both Dispensary, Cultivation and Processing Licensing and Management services. Dispensary Permits has worked from Coast to Coast with licensing success in over a dozen Marijuana Markets over the last 8 years. Dispensary Permits success in limited license markets including, New Jersey, Arizona, Illinois, Maryland, District of Colombia, Pennsylvania, Hawaii, Ohio, and checklist processes, such as California, Colorado, Michigan, and beyond speaks to their proven strategies and winning mentality. Simply put, Dispensary Permits has acquired a wealth of expertise in understanding the needs and requirements of not only looking at the industry from a global level but incorporating local flare into the dispensary, cultivation and processing application processes throughout World. To that end, our team has helped many Governing Bodies draft Legislation, and the Rules and Regulations that supports the Marijuana Program within their jurisdiction.

Since we prefer to keep our firm boutique to keep close personal relationships with our clients, we’ve taken our acquired knowledge and created an affordable do-it-yourself model though our Dispensary Permits Downloadable Marijuana Templates, while nothing replaces working one-on-one with a consultant, the templates and documents for purchase on Dispensary Permits are your best step forward if a consultant isn’t in your budget at this time or if you are simply looking to educate yourself. We encourage marijuana entrepreneurs to do their due diligence when selecting a consultant, ask for references, and select a consultant with similar business morals and marijuana vision, in order to increase your chances of long term success in this space. Read more about what our clients are saying about us below.

“The process of establishing, licensing and opening Solevo Wellness took 18 months. The company credits much of their success in obtaining the proper permits to their hired industry consultant, Sara Gullickson.”
-Sam Britz, as quoted in High Times

“It took 30 years before I found someone like Sara Gullickson and Dispensary Permits. She can walk the walk and talk the talk!”
-Dr. Robert Capretto, Pennsylvania

“During the application process, DispensaryPermits.com was integral in drafting, reviewing, and compiling our application with what we expect to be great success.  It was very clear that DispensaryPermits.com was committed to its clients in obtaining a license.”
-licensee, Illinois

“We don’t know how we would have gotten through the application process without them.  My husband and I would recommend using their application services for anyone applying in a medical state process.”
-permit winner, Nevada

The language, content and information in the Dispensary Permits templates are significant in fulfilling the stipulations by many local municipalities application requirements. These templates have saved me a ton of writing time.
-Tracie, California

“Their success speaks for itself. Our company continues to engage Dispensary Permits for ongoing consulting and her advice remains solid and relevant to our growth.”
-Jonathan, Pennsylvania